13 November 2009

Project Management Wave and new toys

One of the better Google waves I’m following is exploring the types of functionality that project managers would like integrated into Google wave.

What I like about the wave is that it is focussed in topic, even though there are quite a few people contributing.

In addition to the interesting ideas, I’ve also found links to some cool PM tools which have been embedded in the wave.

Tom’s Planner – free beta accounts for this Gantt chart creator are available. It lets you work directly in the chart view, roll up the time scales and export the image for inclusion in a presentation or report. Some templates are provided so you don’t even have to start from scratch if you are planning a wedding or conference or need to track bookings of rental properties. The project can also be exported for MS Project or as an image.

Testing out Tom's Planner

ProjectPlace Planner – Try out the online demo version for free – the demo could be used occasionally if you just need to quickly whip up a high level chart. User can work in task list or Gantt chart mode. Three pricing models available including enterprise model.

Projectplace Planner Snapshot