24 November 2009

Mendeley Citation Manager

Mendeley plugged in to Open Office, originally uploaded by petaj.

Another tool for researchers. This one is competition for Zotero, Endnote, Refworks and other bibliographic reference managers. It is also competition for the social citation cites too, as there is both a desktop client and a web library that are easily synchronised. The desktop client can be used without creating an online account, but you miss out on the social features.

Within a few minutes of installing the desktop application I had imported my Zotero collection (using RIS format) and synchronised with my Mendeley web collection.

The plugin for Open Office just worked - even though my OO version is a bit out of date, and the bookmarklet (web importer) for capturing from the web also worked, although it works with limited sites, including those that support COinS.

And I still haven't looked up the manual or help.

A must-look for librarians and researchers. Mendeley is still in beta.

UPDATE: 25 November

Additional image showing the plugin in MS Word

Mendelay with Word