13 November 2009

iPhone apps and capturing whiteboards and more

I’ve started using White by Qipit for sharing whiteboard scribbles and diagrams and potentially for handwritten on paper notes with colleagues.

The free Qipit online pdf service is ceasing and is moving into the mobile device arena to provide digitisation services.

I purchased this iPhone app, and I’m happy with it. But if you are thinking of going down this path you might want to try out JotNot and OCRNow lite first to see if they better meet your needs. If you know of other similar apps, leave a comment with link.

White offers:

  • conversion to pdf on the iphone itself (does not require an online conversion service) – although for some reason while trying out this test it only seems to be emailing the jpgs.
  • share image or pdf (depending on where/how you are going to share it)
  • share to facebook, twitter, evernote or via email

Result of a test using a small piece of notepaper with handwriting sent to Twitter (TwitPic)

For comparison

Original image that was used in the test, uploaded separately to Flickr via the Flickr iPhone App.

I really like it when there are “lite” versions for free in the app store to try before I buy.