31 October 2009

Buckets and spades and Google waves

I've had Google wave access for a couple of weeks, and fortunately have enough contacts with accounts to be able to try a few things out.

So far I'm thinking it has potential, but in this beta stage there are a few drawbacks - and at present there are a lot of experimenters still working from an email mindset. No judgment intended here, just we are all constrained/influenced by our past experience and make assumptions about how to use new things that don't quite hit the mark. A few thoughts on playing in the waves (perfect beach day here on the Gold Coast - can't help the bucket and spades analogy):
  • Waves with more than 10 or so "members" get messy and hard to follow pretty quickly
  • Waves that are too broad in topic/purpose get messy and hard to follow. Best used for specific purposes like a organising a single event, or task.
  • Waves really need to allow people to remove themselves (currently greyed out option) especially when you don't get an option to accept being added to a wave, and when some of them are public
  • Waves really need to allow people to delete/remove files and images. I haven't found this option yet, but I can imagine it would be difficult if subject to a "take-down" notice for copyrighted materials.
  • Gadgets and Bots - some are a bit dodgy but generally add some useful functionality
  • It's all good fun