20 September 2009

iPhone Apps I use

I can't remember who, but someone suggested a post on iphone apps I use - I think with a view to comparing with some of my online community members.
Here are my latest thoughts on iPhone apps I use...

Flickr - Hooray. So glad that this one arrived on the scene recently. I had been using a FlickR uploader app, but now the official FlickR app is available I'll stick with that for the time being. I like the way contacts' photos slide across the first screen once the application opens. It is quite mesmerising and meditative. The upload interface works well and lets me choose tags and privacy settings and add descriptions. With the previous application I had to go into FlickR to change the privacy settings to make them public. But I can now choose the setting as each image is uploaded. Much better.

That image is not by Fiona Bradley, it is by JIGGS Images, but I snapped this as it was transitioning.

Facebook - It's OK, in fact the latest version is quite good, but since I use facebook to play scrabble the web version is still frequently used.

MotionX GPS - This took a bit of getting used to. But now that I'm familiar with it, I'm using it to keep a record of my exercise. Recording tracks of my walks and jogs shows how often, how far and how fast I'm travelling. Each update brings some nice improvements and I'm using this at least every other day. It allows me to email myself the tracks or share via Twitter and Facebook.

Twitterrific - Not twittering as much lately, but will continue using it.

Sudoku - for those times when I need some logical thinking. This too can be meditative.

Dictionary (from dictionary.com) - this is downloaded to the iphone, so apart from updates does not need to look up an online database. It takes a little while to open up, but on occasions is useful.

OzWeather - excellent for radar pictures to see where the rain and storms are, sun up and sun down times. Although my friend tells me we are still a couple of days away from the equinox, yet daylight hours are already reporting 1-2 minutes longer than dark.

Skype - I haven't had much success with this calling a landline in Australia. Audio was all broken up. But I've just got the latest update so maybe there will be an improvement.

Evernote - occasional use. No problem with the app, I just don't have the need to use it very often. Will probably use it more when travelling.

Email/Calendar - use this quite a lot at work. It gives me access to Exchange and Gmail, and handy for checking on times and locations of meetings when I'm not at my desk.

I have a few other apps including the Stanley spirit level, but I don't use them very much. These include LinkedIn, wifitrak, iTalk, wordpress, Documents 2, UpCode, FlashforFree, Show the Loo.