28 May 2009

splashurl now has qrcode generator

I wrote about splashurl previously, when I found the very useful bookmarklet that lets a user create a short url and display it large on the screen for others to write down. Terrific for presentations involving web browsing.
The site now also offers a bookmarklet for creating a short url and generating a qrcode image that can be downloaded and used in print publications, or on signage. QR codes can be scanned by some mobile phones with web browsing functionality and will then open the url in the phones browser.

If the image appears large enough when projected on a screen, I suppose viewers can take a photo with their camera and load the url in their phone's browser right then and there.

I tried this just photographing my desktop monitor at work with my iphone. I used the free iphone app Upcode, and it worked with the second photo i took.

Here is one I prepared earlier...  This is the qr code for this blog.
Possible locations I might use this:
  • In a conference paper as part of my contact details
  • on business cards
  • in handouts for presentations
Any other good ideas?
My blog - Inn0vate qr code
Signage at construction sites would allow viewers to quickly locate more information on the web about the building.