16 May 2009

First encounters with Zotero 2.0 sharing

I’ve been playing with the new Zotero 2.0 which now has groups, sharing and synchronisation with your local Firefox plugin. Zotero is a citation manager which plugs into your Firefox browser so that you can quickly store citations as you find resources while browsing the web.

I was able to:

  • Update my public profile
  • Create a public group. This was really just for testing, but if anyone is interested in collecting citations on anything to do with EdAust09 you are welcome to join and start sharing.
  • Join a group that I can only view rather than add to the collection. There are different kinds of access controls for group libraries.
  • See the groups in my Firefox plugin as folders
  • Drag citations from my personal folders into group folders
  • Keep my personal folders hidden from others.

Some pluses:

  • Even if I’m stuck using a PC with no Firefox I can now at least view my zotero citations via the internet
  • Unlike Endnote Web (at least way back when I last used it) multiple people can contribute to a collection of citations


Update: It is also possible to “follow” other Zotero users. Users are grouped by disciplines also.