16 March 2009

Practical information for implementing 2.0 tech in the enterprise

Attendees at the recent Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum in Sydney received a copy of Ross Dawson's Implementing Enterprise 2.0. I was lucky enough to attend and have just finished looking through its pages.

With a focus on business implications, it is a well-designed practical guide for those in the process or considering introducing web 2.0 technologies into their organisation. It includes sections on strategies, governance, business value and implications for IT and HR sections of an organisation, as well as covering off on the major technologies in this area. It is not a manual on the nuts and bolts of installing web 2.0 technologies, but it does look at how to get stakeholder buy-in, creating a business case, piloting projects and encouraging user adoption.

At present I can't find a link to records for it in Libraries Australia or Worldcat, or Google Books.