29 January 2009

cd mate for unrecognised audio disc

As per my last post, I bought an ABBA cd in Vietnam and have been trying to copy to my mp3 player so that I can listen/practise/win at Sing Star (Playstation game) :).

The cd (actually a double cd) has Chinese characters in abundance along with the English title and song titles. Unfortunately both of our computers could not detect the audio tracks, although it played perfectly on our DVD player. A little research led me to CD mate as a possible solution. On CD freaks forum direwolf explains "the most likely culprit is an illegal TOC, where there are two data sessions on the CD with each session referencing the other one, putting your CD-ROM into an endless loop".

Whether or not that is the case, CD Mate has solved my problem. But, CD Mate is no longer available at the link provided (nor is it supported, they recommend DVD-mate). But I got a trial copy of cd-mtae from the Free Downloads Centre. I started up the application and inserted the disc and at first thought that it wasn't going to work. Not sure what finally triggered it, but eventually the disc was recognised and the auto-play function started up.

I also found a discussion about a disc set with the same ISBN, and in a similar wooden box to mine, but completely different music. That story is just plain odd and what a strange mix of musicians, Mika and Il Divo.