29 January 2009

Better late than never 7 things

Thanks to the virtual librarian I have been tagged for the 7 things meme, but travelling OS meant I missed it at the time.

  1. I like singing. I think it is a tonic and everyone should sing even if they are bad at it. So cut your tone-deaf friend some slack next time they pipe up.
  2. I was given Sing Star Abba for Christmas - so I'm now rediscovering/practising hits from the Swedish quartet and bought a cheap CD of their hits in Vietnam.
  3. I get migraines :(
  4. I collect silver charms for a bracelet my grandmother gave me in the seventies - usually from places I travel to - can't find the Buddha I just bought in Hanoi :(
  5. The only language apart from English I'm fluent in is Body
  6. I like James Bond movies
  7. My first job was in the delicatessen at Woolworths when I was 15

Probably to late to tag anyone now, but if you feel like doing this meme go ahead, knock yourself out and leave a comment/link here.