18 December 2008

Slideshare add-in for PowerPoint

SlideShare has launched an add-in for MS PowerPoint. Without opening a browser and navigating to SlideShare users are enabled to:
  • share their presentation from within PowerPoint itself
  • update existing SlideShare presentations
  • download content from SlideShare for remixing
  • view their contacts' and groups' presentations
  • check statistics

I would love to try this out, but I'm currently struggling with a desktop PC that is not coping well with the stress I place on it. (hurry up, end of lease!) It is slow, sometimes glacial and I hope to give it a spring clean, backup stuff and ask for a re-image. But - I don't have Office 2007 and it is not quite part of the SOE at MPOW. I did volunteer to be an early adopter, but the fact that my PC is so highly customised, put it in the too risky category.

At home I use OpenOffice - must check to see if SlideShare is working on an add-in for that.

Maybe in 2009 I'll get a chance to give this a whirl.

ReadWriteWeb reports on the Add-In.
SlideShare blogs about it.
Get the Download here.