29 August 2008

'Libraries Interact'

I've been playing with Ubiquity today (it's a public holiday on the Gold Coast for the show).

Blogger provides an email address so that posts can be mailed to publish. It's not something I have used very often. Ubiquity (Firefox extension) provides a command to capture a selection from a web page and email it to a contact within gmail.  I decided to try putting the two things together for a new way of blogging.

Below is some content I captured from Libraries Interact (by Fiona, and reproduced here under a creative commons licence). The link to the page is automatically inserted via Ubiquity. The content is also dropped into a gmail message, with the email address inserted and I am now editing this bit of introductory text. I've been using Scribefire for blogging - this might be a handy alternative. Although, there is no where for me to add tags/labels.

I don't think the image is going to work either, unless Blogger has updated the handling of images in email posts. Ubiquity also allow the user to edit the web page (yes, really, a local view) so that would be another way to insert the commentary or reorganise the content before capturing it to the email.

Steps in the process.

1. Highlight text and image on the page

2. Invoke Ubiquity using hot key

3. email this to my blog

4. edit in gmail message editor

5. send

6. cross fingers

From the page Libraries Interact:

Milan 2009 and Brisbane 2010

Quebec convention centreAfter the Congress I left enthused and honoured to have had the opportunity to talk to so many librarians from around the world. Some are dealing with problems that may seem simple to us, others are developing very forward-thinking services, but all are willing to spend time to talk about it. Attending the Congress is a wonderful experience and I urge you to think about attending Milan next year or closer to home, IFLA will be in Brisbane in 2010.