6 August 2008

Intranets and corporate websites to die - am I wasting my time

According to Dave Pollard (How to save the world), corporate intranets and websites are going the way of faxes and compact discs.

"Corporate Websites: I recently co-judged a competition of nominated best-of-class business websites, and I was aghast at how unnavigable and useless most of them were. My own research has indicated that most people who visit these sites are job-seekers, the media, and competitors. A combination of marketing/PR hype, just-in-case recycled internal junk, and self-congratulation, most corporate websites are devoid of useful content, and those that do have useful stuff have it buried where it can't be found. You just can't put a filing cabinet up online and expect people to wade through it. And your relationship isn't with Company X, it's with Individual Y at that company. Individual Y's blog, with lots of contact info, timely, casual-style articles and useful links, and instant connectivity options, is to the corporate website what your personal company rep is to walking into the company cold and asking for help. Next-gen blogs by individual employees -- personal, casual, chatty, accessible, hosted but uncensored by the employer -- will soon blow even the best corporate websites out of the water.

Corporate Intranets:
Same rationale as #5. The main way knowledge is, was, and always will be exchanged in organizations is person-to-person in real time. Rich context, iterative, personal, demonstrative, have-it-your-way information, conveyed through conversation. Accept no substitute. " -- 12 Tools That Will Soon Go the Way of Fax and CDs

These are currently consuming all my working hours!