3 July 2008

chattering teeth? microblogging service

There's a buzz about a new, open source, microblogging service, that has reached my ears/eyes. I've been using twitter for a few months now, and I'm not suffering too badly with the notoriously dodgy reliability of Twitter that some afficionados are complaining of. I'm just not that dependent on it. Although it has proved its worth a few times with quick answers to tricky questions from my few twitter followers.

My twitter feed is private. Identi.ca (the new, open source service) does not have a private option. All content is submitted under a creative commons licence.

Still, I have registered and will probably have to think twice about what I'm microblogging about.

petahopkins - Identi.ca

Twitter messages are knonwn as tweets. Sirexkat suggested 'idents' - a bit of a mouthful, pun *intended*, I think.