18 June 2008

Feedjit and on another topic - the mobile web

OK, I admit it, I like a widget or two (or more). I've just added Feedjit to my sidebar to show visitors to the site and where they have come from. I don't expect that many folks actually visit this site, so it's not likely to look very impressive, but if you happen to read this in your feed reader, click through to the site, just so we can see it in action.

I expect it is one that I won't keep for very long, but it would be interesting on busier blogs and websites, providing an interesting snapshot of social data for a site.

Having seen Jason Grigsby's presentation on building fast-loading pages for the mobile web I've got a new perspective on the performance issues of embedding widgets and content from external sites. But what they heck! I've added another widget, albeit temporarily, so I may as well embed his slidecast as well. I warn you, it is quite long 71 (mins) and not all of the slides have been synchronised so you'll have to click through many of them yourself.