8 June 2008

eee pc at Brisbane Airport

The eee pc is so compact it does not require a special laptop case. It fits neatly into an old conference satchel pressed into service for hand luggage. It was accompanied by a camera, a paperback, a copy of a conference paper, a knitted hat and there was room left over. Perhaps because it was not immediately recognisable as a laptop the bag was grabbed at the security screening for a closer inspection, and the device went through the xray a second time, before being handed back.

Brizzie airport is having a bit of a makeover. In the departure lounge there is some nice new furniture - have a photo to put up on flickr eventually - lounges, bucket chairs, small round tables with chairs, coffee tables with bucket chairs and long tables with stools. Some of these tables appear to be ready for power to be installed.
They have little popup openings in the top, but as yet no where to plug in. But, it was quiet enough at 8.00am on a Saturday morning to find a wall socket and make use of one of the small tables nearby.

There are also, largish, round, low padded stool/tables that I'm sure
young children will enjoy sitting on, jumping off, sleeping on etc.

The mixed variety of furniture is a big improvement on the uniform 'lounges' common in many airports.