9 April 2008

ipod idea for study abroads

The ubiquitous librarian has an idea in gestation for the library to produce ipods filled with content (or at least the content for download) for students about to head off for a semester abroad.

He suggests "So why not take an iPod and fill it with foreign language tutorials and exercises, as well as a wide range of cultural and entertainment content: video clips, music, sports highlights, tv shows, and commercials. Add tons of images such as landmarks, currency, street maps, public transportation schedules, and fashion. Along with newspaper and magazine articles, restaurant menus, travel guides, and literary works." and also for returning students to provide content for the next batch of students.

MPOW attracts a significant number of study abroad students who come for just one semester. Maybe this is an idea that could work from the destination institution as well. It would be a nice way to welcome students who are a long way from home and unsure of how things work in Australia. Reading some of the blog posts from students about to hit our shores it's clear that they have lots of questions and/or preconceived notions that will cause some culture shock.

From Ubiquitous Librarian - ipods as a foreign culture learning tool