23 April 2008

Business & web 2.0

If you can bear the annoying intro and popup survey - this article from Information Week is interesting to skim through.

Web 2.0 Expo Preview: Web 2.0 Isn't Just About The Apps by Mitch Wagner. (21 April 2008)

No, it is about online social interactions and users - we knew that.

Some snippets.

"One of the earliest efforts, still going strong,
is the Dedicated Blog Resolution Team. Eight Dell employees do nothing
all day but scour blogs -- big, mass-audience blogs like BuzzMachine,
and little friends-and-family blogs with only a few readers -- and look
for complaints about Dell. When they find one, they jump in and try to
fix the problem."

Dell plans to give its employees full access to
the Internet in two weeks, without any Web filtering, to enable
everyone to interact with customers"

The reporter tries to find out if Dell's activities with web 2.0 have made a difference in perceptions customer service - Dell thinks so, but others don't agree.