20 February 2008

sn conference stirs some metadiscussion

A colleague and I are cutting down a paper we wrote to submit a version to a conference to be held in Dunedin, NZ in June. The conference is on Social Networking and it seems the organisers from a University have provoked a little angst from their polytechnic counterparts by not actually talking to them about their conference plans.
Polytechnic folks are questioning if these university folks actually use blogs, wikis and sns... surely they would have heard about this conference sooner if there had been some social networking going on about the conference itself - they say.

Interesting discussions - since the conference is actually about the effectiveness of social networks.

You can catch up on the chat about this... by checking out this blog post by Sarah Stewart.

International Computer Mediated Social Networking Conference

Maybe some of my lint colleagues might be interested in this conference too - perhaps a little LINTNZ action. But deadline for submission of full papers (not abstracts) is about a week away.