8 February 2008

Scribefire for eee pc

I must ask my eee pc friends what their blog editor of choice is when they are using their eee pcs.
I'm interested in composing blog posts at conferences and the like - although live blogging is not essential, especially given the cost and 'flakiness' experienced in some venues.

The eee pc is exceptional in the lightweight stakes making it excellent for lugging around conferences. I'm gradually getting used to the tiny keyboard, but have plugged in a mouse to avoid using the touchpad.

Being a Windows Live Writer afficionado, I was looking for something to integrate blogging into my workflow that would be suitable on linux.

Scribefire seems like an eminently suitable possibility. It's a firefox extension and I can expand it to take up the full Firefox viewscreen and it has support for images and a wysiwyg editor. Pictures can be managed, including ftp and api uploads. And i can save the post as a 'note' until i'm ready to publish.

It appears to be OK for both my Blogger and Wordpress sites.

One strange thing is it seems to be showing me tags from the WP blog when i'm in Blogger mode.

And it inserts this bit below..

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