3 February 2008

Links for Blog Basics – L plates Series

Updated Post with presentation slides - 7th Feb 2008

These are all the links from the Blog Basics presentation for the L plates session at VALA.

Connecting Librarian – http://connectinglibrarian.com
We will dissect this blog!

LibraryThing – http://librarything.com
Example used for getting a widget

Blogadoodledoo – http://libraryictseminar.wordpress.com
Used as an example to show categories and tags. We might even get to write a post and publish it -- hmm I'd better check that this is actually public.

Stephen Fry’s blog – http://stephenfry.com
Celebrity blogger

Sites to get a blog
Blogger (Blogspot) - http://www.blogger.com
Wordpress.com - http://wordpress.com
Edublogs - http://edublogs.org
Blogsavvy - http://blogsavvy.com
LiveJournal - http://www.livejournal.com
Vox - http://www.vox.com

Site to just write an occasional post on Library and Info Sciences
Libraries Interact – http://librariesinteract.info

Some examples:

Blogging Libraries Wiki

She Said/He Said – Library Directors

The L files – University Library

Mosman Library Weblog – Public Library

Environmental news bits – Special library