14 January 2008

NewsGator Social Sites and Sharepoint

On my list of things to investigate> There is a Forrester-NewsGator archived webinar available and a 2 minute video.

Get the Most Out of Microsoft SharePoint - NewsGator Social Sites

Update 15th January 12:37pm Notes from the archived webinar

Newsgator Enterprise Server (NGES) and Social Sites offers these over and above Sharepoint's native RSS capabilities:

  • provides tagging functionality
  • read/unread metadata follows the user (Active Directory) wherever they consume the feeds ie. mobile devices, desktop reader, or sharepoint
  • displays feeds with integrated metadata
  • connects users with common interests
  • authorisation of feeds even when a private feed may be spliced into general feeds on a public page of Sharepoint - only authorised users will see the private content
  • NGES can push feeds out to external, anonymous users - same capabilities but no user metadata - they will only see feed content that is authorised for anonymous users

"makes information fluid"