29 November 2007

Wordpress as presentation tool

Today, Michael and I gave a presentation on blogging. We decided to try using a Wordpress blog instead of a PowerPoint presentation. It has some limitations, but it worked surprisingly well.

  • tags to number the slides and provide a mechanism to view them in order
  • options set to show only one slide at a time
  • pages used for feedback and information about the presenters
  • recent posts used to list the slide titles
  • commenting enabled to gather feedback and questions (I wonder if we'll get any)


The downside, the navigation was a little confusing as the "older posts" link had to be clicked to move through the slides in the correct order. This was counter-intuitive.

The whole session was also recorded using Camtasia for screen capture and audio recording - it will be interesting to see how that turns out.

Why blogs and blogging -- If you take a look at it, remember to use the Older posts link or use the slide numbers in the sidebar to go through them in the correct order. If you lose track of which slide you are looking at, check what its tag is.