1 September 2007

Cracked LCD on camera - recycled as webcam

Sadly, my Konica Minolta Dimage x50 has had a sad history with cracked LCD screens. The first time happened on holiday in a snowboard incident and the repair was covered by travel insurance. But it was >AUD$350 and several weeks of waiting for a new one to arrive from overseas.

I don't know how the second one happened this week, as it was in a case in my handbag, but when I took it out to use it only 1/5 of the screen was operational. It is very difficult to use in these circumstances.

So, I thought I'd try to set it up as a webcam and purchase a new camera that didn't require me to take my TV with me whenever I wanted to take a photo! The Konica Minolta DiMage x50 (and x60) has a "remote camera" mode for this purpose, but I'd never used it before.

After much fiddling around, since I couldn't find the user manual (eventually found one online), I now have it set up as a webcam. Hint: make sure that you have the correct cable, not the one for a different model camera.

Not sure how often I'll use it - but it's there - and here's a snap I took with it.