30 September 2007

Blogoz : creative commons

The first breakout session I attended at the blogging conference was on Creative Commons. I should have chosen something else as there really wasn't anything too new for me.

But, the presenters did a great job of explaining Creative Commons, how to add a CC license to your online works. I was interested to hear that there are now options to add metadata to the license that can then be embedded in the website. I'm hopeful that this will be added to the Flickr options for batch uploading. It would also be nice if Flickr offered a choice of jurisdiction in their CC licensing.

A video (aimed at high school students) was shown that explains CC and where CC licensed music can be downloaded was shown.

CC Mayer and Bettle Animation - This animation was created by Pete Foley, with sound and music by Chris Perren. The project was co-ordinated by Elliott Bledsoe, from Creative Commons Australia at QUT. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Australian Attribution-ShareAlike 2.1 licence.