15 August 2007

Top 1000! of web 2.0 apps

A huge list of web 2.0 apps to explore on the Web 2.0 site. I know someone who is preparing for a demonstration session of 20 cool 2.0 tools - there are plenty to consider.  And they call this an introductory list.

There are three library type apps mentioned and they are the only 3 under the heading COLLECT 2.0. 

 Surely there are other types of collections (DVDs, art, objects spring to mind).

Another interesting category for library folk:

READ 2.0


I notice also that Connotea is in the BOOKMARKING 2.0 category along with Del.icio.us, but CiteUlike is in the TEXT 2.0 category

PBwiki is in WORD 2.0, not WIKIS 2.0.

With these sort of odd groupings it's worth scanning through the entire list.


Web 2.0 List Of Web 2.0 Application Links