21 August 2007

Neat trick with Connotea, nearly

Tonight I've was perusing my Bloglines account and reading through the table of contents RSS feed from Ingenta for The Electronic Library. I was off-campus.

An author's name caught my eye and I thought "I wonder if that is the person I know of, with a similar name." OK, I'll check it out. Since I was off-campus it was not going to be a simple matter of clicking a link on the IngentaConnect page and getting full text.

Being lazy this evening, and always looking for easy ways to do things, I thought I'd add the paper to my Connotea account and use the openURL resolver feature that I use frequently to look for full text availability via MPOW's subscription databases. That would save me going to the library website, finding the e-journal portal, locating the journal, then the article and then bookmarking it later.

Connotea has this handy bookmarklet for adding webpages to "My Library". The bookmarklet even lets you highlight the Digital Object Identifier if one is displayed on the page. So I just highlighted the DOI on the Ingenta page and clicked the bookmarklet.

Connotea then resolved the DOI and pulled in all the citation data into the record for me. I tagged it, added a comment and hit the save button. I was visualising myself clicking the full-text link when Connotea encountered a glitch and refused to save anything to anywhere. It seems to be having a database problem.

So I'll let Connotea sort out the glitch from the automated error report, and try this again later.

This is the paper I'm going to check out by the way.

Emerging technologies changing our service delivery models by MaryAnn Kajewski