12 July 2007

Feedburner integrates with Blogspot

Feedburner can now be integrated into blogspot blogs so that subscribers to different versions of the feed can all be redirected to the Feedburner feed. This will give bloggers a much better idea of how many subscribers there really are.

The fragmentation of subscribers to different versions of feeds happens where both atom and rss versions are provided by Blogger, and on top of that Feedburner has been used also. In the past, bloggers serious about keeping tabs on their readership had to delve into the template and change the autodiscovery tags to only show the Feedburner feed. I did it once, but forgot about it when I gave this blog an overhaul last month (?).

Anyhow I've just set up the redirect and I'll see what happens with my subscriber count. The strange thing is that it had already shot up substantially before I did this. Curious.

How to do it, why to do it according to Feedburner.