15 June 2007

My first google gadget

I created my first Google gadget tonight. It took somewhat longer than 15 minutes, but it would have taken much longer if I had to start from scratch. As it was, I inspected Matthias's Libraries Australia google gadget code and adapted it. Thanks Matthias.

So I now have a Bond library catalogue search gadget to add to my personalised Google page. In the near future it will have to move to a more official home, and may be fancied up somewhat.

If you want one for your library system, the easiest way will be to find a gadget that looks similar to what you need and then adapt to suit the url search syntax for your system. Some html, xml and javascript expertise will be a help.

UWA Library has one available with tabs for different search strategies. Thanks Kathryn for your post - if I hadn't read that I wouldn't have been fiddling with gadgets on a Friday evening.