16 May 2007

LibraryThing for Libraries

Here's an exciting new development from Librarything. I really want to try this out, but I'm not convinced that I'm going to be able to just paste a widget into my library catalogue's html. I've been there many a time, most recently to get syndetics images to display. Extracting ISBNs to supply to Librarything would be the easy part. But, Librarything assures us that it will work with ANY library catalogue system.

Librarything for Libraries is going to offer tags, reviews and links to other editions and translations based on the huge database of books created by librarything users.

It can be seen in action at Danbury Library Catalog. A good book to see how it works is Ender's game by Orson Scott Card. The record contains a link to a different edition, links to similar books and tags. The tags can be used to find other works in the catalogue.

Take a tour and sign up to receive an announcement when the service is launched.

Link to LibraryThing for Libraries