11 April 2007

Tying aps together with styling

Andy Rush discusses how he is tying WordPress and Mediawiki together using common styling/theme to create a media centre.

"The idea was to have a space, or maybe the term is a platform, to launch an information repository for using “new media” at the University of Mary Washington. Since relocating to duPont 310 here at UMW, we have had accelerated discussions about tools, integration, RSS, screen-scraping, semantic web, etc. I’m more of a tools guy who keeps his ears and eyes open for what is needed in academia."

The new media centre is here: http://umwdtlt.org/newmedia/ but the link to the wiki is not working for me. Comments from others are very positive though.

This sounds an interesting way of fostering innovation and experimentation: http://www.umw.edu/doit/dtlt/showcase/bluehost_experiment.php

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