21 April 2007

Facilitating Group Processes

The 2nd CAVAL session I attended was also run by Ian Benjamin. It had less attendees - only 4, three of whom were at the consulting skills session. Hi to Jeanine, who I last saw at an ALIA trivia night in 2005.

This was a fun, active session where we talked about various strategies for facilitating group sessions and also got to try some of them out. We high-fived, looked out windows and touched walls, did the shuffle (n'shout) and discussed our preferences for flowers in exploring energiser activities.

Strategies for dealing with anxiety
  • fake it 'til you make it
  • shout (or sing) before you get going
  • rehearse - especially the opener
  • prepare

We also discussed various techniques for encouraging participation and processing the input provided by group members. Sorting, voting, prioritising the results.

Like the consulting skills session, this could easily have been a full day course. But nevertheless very helpful.