28 April 2007

EBSCOhost: RSS alerts

Paul Pival (The Distant Librarian) has posted a video on youtube how to activate RSS alerts in Ebscohost. Before you get too excited though... Although I have successfully enabled the RSS feed and created the feed, I have not been able to add one of these feeds to either Bloglines or Google Reader although the EBSCOhost support page states that all of these are supported:

  • My Yahoo!
  • CustomReader
  • FeedReader
  • Wizz RSS
  • Bloglines
  • Pluck
  • Safari 2.0
  • NetNewsWire
  • NewsGator
  • Google Reader

In Firefox the feed was displayed correctly with my 3 results, each time I tried to add the feed to either Bloglines or Google Reader I was advised to confirm that the site actually published a feed. Is this because of the ezproxy intervention? For me I'd like this to work in a way where I can see the feed content without being authenticated. I'm very happy to then authenticate to view the full text of the articles. Make the feed open, but the links to articles should include the ezproxy data for my institution. I wonder if that's feasible.

Paul's video...

My alert link: