30 March 2007

Vectors - it's a journal!

 Wow. This is a new take on a journal. Multimedia pieces around a theme (current issue's theme is perception).

Their description is excellent, so I won't try to write an alternative..

"This investigation at the intersection of technology and culture is not simply thematic. Rather, Vectors is realized in multimedia, melding form and content to enact a second-order examination of the mediation of everyday life. Utilizing a peer-reviewed format and under the guidance of an international board, Vectors features submissions and specially-commissioned works comprised of moving- and still-images; voice, music, and sound; computational and interactive structures; social software; and much more."

I must go back and take a look at other 'articles' in this journal -- but I particularly liked Virtual Window by Anne Friedberg. It's open access.

Link to Vectors Journal of Culture and Technology in a Dynamic Vernacular