2 February 2007

Rumours of our imminent demise are greatly exaggerated

Ah good heart-warming stuff and relevant to Damien Conway's keynote presentation at Information Online 2007 (his message -- librarians will rule the world) is this article by Will Sherman. 33 Reasons Librarians are Still Extremely Important - DegreeTutor.com.

I believe that Damien's presentation will eventually be available on the conference website, but in the meantime I wrote a very brief piece about it at LibrariesInteract.

ALIA is also surveying librarians currently about how much their jobs have changed in just the last 5 years. Results will be interesting to see how the nature of our work has changed, and with the focus on just the last 5 years there could be some indication about the pace of change.

Tango reported on LibrariesInteract in early January, that librarianship is HOT! according to Best Careers 2007.

So, looks like I'm in the right field.