6 February 2007

The carnival comes to inn0vate

Photograph CC by SuperciliousnessThe carnival of the infosciences is coming here!

If you haven't checked out COTI (carnival of the infosciences) before take a look at Chris's excellent entry at Libraryola.

So start sending in posts of interest to inn0vatedotmailatgmaildotcom, or via the form.

By the way, that 0 in inn0vate is a zero not a letter.

Please include the following in the email:

  • The title of your entry.
  • The URI (address) of your entry.
  • A description or summary of the entry.
  • Your name or other moniker by which you wish to be referenced.

Be sure to comeback on the 19th of February for the next carnival.
I'm in Australia, so if I'm on time, you may even be able to read it on the 18th!

Photograph CC by Superciliousness