22 October 2006

Trailfire - blaze a path on the web

I stumbled on this useful service recently when upgrading to Firefox 2 and IE7. Trailfire has plugins for both browsers.
The really useful thing about trailfire is that you can lead others on a journey through the internet, or just through a single website. It's free and easy to create a trail. But you might want to give your tourists a hint about how to navigate along the trail using the arrows in the commentary box or links marked with a little comment. The ability to add commentary about individual pages is invaluable and can be in the form of text, image, video or audio. Apart from text the others would need to be already hosted somewhere and the URL embedded into the Trailfire commentary box.

  • Virtual tours - you could offer various tours of your website from the perspective of different user groups eg. medical students, academics, even library staff to show what resources and services are on offer.
  • Information literacy - show your students how to find resources and provide commentary on what they are looking at. And the lesson is available for many to use. The guide could be generic or for a specific assignment topic.

Ok - here's one I prepared earlier. Just so you can try it out. On big pages you will have to wait until the page is fully loaded in the browser before the Trailfire note appears. This trail visits the personal blogs of some people I collaborate with on librariesinteract.info.