14 September 2006

Innovative academic publishing

I found this "journal" today. Perhaps it could be better described as a journal series, or journal family.

Philica describes itself as

"an online academic journal accepting publications on any subject.
Philica takes a completely revolutionary approach to the publishing and reviewing of academic research."

While Philica accepts submissions on any subject, they can be searched in discipline themes which have their own names like jurisphilica, mediphilica and envirophilica.

Some features:

  • innovative model of funding for open access journal articles
  • authors retain the rights to their work under a creative commons license
  • articles are published instantly
  • peer-review process is transparent
  • articles are free to read

This quote is from one of the FAQs....

Why does anybody have to pay? We saw that other open-access journals still cost a fortune to run because they have retained the old-fashioned submission and peer-review processes, requiring editors, secretaries, designers, typesetters, etc., etc. This seemed to us entirely to miss the point of working on the Internet! Philica can be made free to everybody, whilst retaining the benefits of peer-review, because of the open, online submission and refereeing processes. This system not only allows universal access to the information, but also carries a whole raft of other benefits over the old system in terms of speed, transparency and fairness. -- http://philica.com/faq.php#difference

So articles published in Philica can also be archived in institutional repositories.