14 September 2006

Creative Commons tools

Why is it important to embed license information into documents?
Specially designed search tools are capable of recognizing them when queried for resources that have a specific license type.

Tools for embedding CC licences.

  1. PDF license manager - "a simple Java program to insert a Creative Commons License in a PDF document"
  2. Creative Commons Add-in for Microsoft Office - "enables you to embed Creative Commons licenses directly into Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents."

Tools for discovering resources with CC licenses

  1. Google - Advanced search, choose from a selection of Usage Rights.

  2. Yahoo - Advanced search has a Creative Commons Search feature available as a beta release.
  3. CCSearch
  4. Browser plugins - detect and display licence information while visiting web pages, add CC search panels or sidebars.

Thanks to Catalogablog for the link to PDF license manager.