16 August 2006

Posting using Windows live writer

This is an interesting application. I can compose a post on my desktop using a wysiwig editor that actually shows me precisely what the post will look like.


It let's me insert images and add drop-shadows, photopaper frames, resize (But depending on your blog - you might not be able to upload the images.

[There was an image to the right --> and a map below]


Hmm! This is kind of nice.


And maps - one of my favourite places for a weekend walk




  • I can add several different blogs and the app. downloads their styles so that I can edit a post in truly wysiwig fashion - complete with colours, fonts etc. etc.
  • Images/Maps can be inserted in a snap and I can add drop shadows, photopaper frames.
  • For the post I'm working on I can view how it would look on any of the blogs I have uploaded plus in code view.
  • I can view it in the layout style and also how it would appear live on the site with sidebar contents etc.
  • When the blog has categories, a drop down list of categories is accessible.
  • I can open previous posts on the blog, edit them and republish
  • I can view/edit post properties (time, commenting allowed/not allowed, links, keywords, trackbacks,