19 May 2006

OPML for my community

Bond University now has a few feeds for the community to keep up-to-date on what's happening.

The Library is leading the way with:
  • new titles lists
  • blog of news, events and tips
  • calendar of events (mostly aimed at Library staff)
In addition to these, the community can find out what's happening from the student perspective with the Student portal updates and what new research papers have been loaded into the institution's research repository e-publications@bond.

Now, there is an OPML file available to subscribe to the bundle of feeds in one go.

Bond University Community feeds(raw xml) or (html view)

OPML checked by validator.opml.org.

There are two options to import the feeds into your aggregator, depending on how it operates.
  1. Right click the xml link and save to your computer, then import to your aggregator.
  2. Right click on the xml link and copy the URL to paste into your aggregator.

If there are any other Bond University feeds out there, someone let me know and I'll update the bundle - add a comment.

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