I love this thing

LibraryThing continues on its winning way with a feast of new features since I last wrote about it.
  • Subject headings now offer an alternative method for exploring the private collections of books making up this wonderful database.
  • Bookmarklet to quickly add a record while browsing Amazon
  • SelectThing - a firefox extension that grabs highlighted text and searches on Amazon or LibraryThing
  • SpecialSauce recommendations - I don't know how this works, but it has prompted me to put 3 books on hold at my local library in the last week.
  • Editions are now related with different cover art collated on the social information view.
  • A new blog with a philosophical twist - Thing-ology

LibraryThing Statistics - check out the top rated authors, lowest rated authors, top books, top users, largest libraries

Books cataloged 2,724,698
Total users 38,452 (since August 29, 2005)
Unique works 797,764
Total tags 3,993,068
Total reviews 34,460
Total ratings 362,945
User-contributed covers 69,567

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