25 May 2006

For the unconverted


Here is a free, easy to use RSS to email subscription service. It is provided by Quivalent, an Australian company, for bloggers to promote their content to those who don't quite get RSS (textcasting, news feeds) yet.

  • You can make the email look like your blog (template editing available)
  • Weekly or monthly broadcasts of new blog posts
  • Upload mailing lists
  • Multiple blogs in the one account
The official description from Zookoda's FAQS
"Zookoda is a leading Blog Broadcasting Service provider. Zookoda allows blog owners to proactively drive readership, exposure and traffic by sending blog summaries via email to their readers. Zookoda provides blog owners with the tools to manage their mailing lists, design their emails, broadcast blog summaries and track recipient usage."

I'll get around to adding a subscription here soon...

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