26 May 2006

ARROW - roadshow hits Brizzie

Today I attended the ARROW roadshow in Brisbane.

It was in interesting morning finding out more about the Australian Research Repositories Online to the World project and how the VTLS product Vital works. David Groenewegen and Neil Dickson presented an overview of the project a demonstration of Vital and Carl Grant talked about VTLS and the company's commitment to the project and repository development.

We have recently established a research repository at Bond University (e-publications@bond) using the Digital Commons platform and are planning to have our metadata harvested for inclusion in the ARROW discovery service. This service is managed by the National Library of Australia (a partner in the project) and aims to provide a search/exposure mechanism for research repositories in Australia even if they are not ARROW members.

ARROW members use Fedora as their underlying repository with Vital as the administration tool and it's web portal as a discovery mechanism.

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