20 April 2006

Pseudo-categories on a blogger blog

Thanks to some advice from Lorelle on WordPress, I am trying out a bookmarklet that will generate some html code for insertion in my posts. Theoretically, clicking on the tag links should invoke a search for the term on this blog!!
This is the code for the bookmarklet
javascript:(function(){var a='';var t=prompt('Enter Tags without commas:','');if(!t) return;var tr=t.split(' ');a+='<hr /><p><b>Tags:</b> ';for(var i=0;i<tr.length;i++){if(i > 0){a+=', ';}a+='<a href='+unescape('%22')+'http://search.blogger.com/?q='+tr[i]+'+blogurl%3Ainn0vate.blogspot.com'+unescape('%22')+' rel='+unescape('%22')+'tag'+unescape('%22')+'>'+tr[i]+'</a>';}a+='</p>';prompt('Copy this code, press OK, then paste to your blog entry:',a);})()

Now, when I finish writing a post I click on my bookmarklet and start typing tags into the prompt. If I want to use a phrase I have to join the words together with a + like this. Phrase+Search. When I click the OK button some html code is generated and highlighted ready for me to copy/paste into the html editor of blogger. Then I publish as normal.
Yay - it works. Although not exactly categories these will do the trick.

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