9 March 2006

Libraries threatened? What's the verdict?

The Australian Library and Information Association has a poll on the homepage. The question right now is...

What is the greatest threat to libraries ?

Results on

Thursday 9 March 2006

16 per cent say Google / Yahoo.
31 per cent say Reduction in government funding.
24 per cent say Ageing workforce.
3 per cent say iPod's and other technology.
24 per cent say Libraries will survive forever.

86 votes in total.

Once you vote, you can add more ideas on the topic and suggest future questions. Having voted I'd like to go back in a week or so and see how the results are changing - can't find a link to view the results without voting again. But maybe this will work.

ALIA also has a blog too, where you can read what's on Sue Hutley's mind. Sue is the recently appointed Executive Director of ALIA, and a fellow Auroran. Congratulations Sue.