Research Data Things 15/23 - Data Management Plans

I'm a bit behind my schedule as I took a detour to do a data visualisation course, but time to get back to 23 Research Data Things. This week will be brief on my part as I have created a data management plan for this project:

Abbott, W., Donaghey, J., Hare, J. Hopkins, P. (2013). The Perfect Storm: the convergence of social, mobile and photo technologies in Libraries. Presented at: VALA: Streaming with possibilities. Melbourne, Australia; 3-6th February, 2014.
Presentation (prezi)

I think it's important to develop a plan with key members of a project team, rather than leave it to one person. The act of talking through the details leads to a shared understanding from early on and saves time and re-occuring questions about where is that data again? How is it organised? and more.